Major Outlet Says RFK Jr. Could ‘Doom’ Joe Biden

Apr 9, 2024

An article published Sunday by Politico argued that presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. could potentially “doom” President Joe Biden’s 2024 bid to stay in the White House.

The writer, Adrian Carrasquillo, describes a scene on Los Angeles’ famous Olvera Street where RFK Jr. held a recent campaign rally. He says it reminded him of RFK Jr.’s uncle, John F. Kennedy’s, “Viva Kennedy” campaign in 1960. As RFK Jr. is officially on the ballot in Utah, he’s collected enough signatures to become a viable candidate in Arizona and Nevada, both of which are major battlegrounds in the run-up to November 2024.

“Those signatures are still subject to challenge, but if Kennedy does appear on the ballot, it could create dire complications for the Biden campaign,” Carrasquillo noted. (LEARN MORE: RFK Jr. Calls NY Times ‘Instrument’ Of Democratic Party)

Why Is RFK Jr. So Popular?

RFK Jr. was one of the first candidates to highlight the corruption of the DNC, in that the party wouldn’t entertain him as a real primary challenger to Biden. “Kennedy’s popularity appears to be a function of name recognition and a general lack of enthusiasm for President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, not to mention voters brushing their views onto the somewhat empty canvas of his candidacy,” Carrasquillo added. (LEARN MORE: RFK Jr. Says WHO Pandemic Agreement ‘Should Be Dead…’)

RFK Jr. is extremely popular amongst Latino voters. He’s estimated to be able to win 17% of Arizona’s Latino support, as well as 21% of Nevada, were the election held today. Those numbers, if they hold, could prove devastating for Biden, who depends on Latino votes to usher in his second term.

What’s Next?

No matter what, your vote counts. And getting out to vote is part of your right to a fair election. But even beyond your vote, you can use your voice to help shape policy as we move through this next administration.

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