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Massive Study Proves Positive Relationship Between Religion And Well-Being

by | Oct 29, 2023

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A Gallup and Radiant Foundation poll survey found a “strong association between religiosity and well-being” amongst a population of roughly 1.5 million people.

To conduct the survey, researchers analyzed academic and Gallup data, along with many in-depth interviews on the topic of religion/spirituality and well-being. The data revealed that negative emotions among humans are at a decade-high, with stress, anger, worry, and sadness all rising.

When polling between positive and negative experiences indexes, those with religious faith consistently scored higher than those without. They also scored lower on the negative index, and a smaller number is a better thing for these data.

This Is Influencing Millions Of People

Overall, religious people scored 31.4, while non-religious individuals scored 29.9 on the scale developed by the research team. “Each one-point difference represents an effect for an estimated 40 million adults worldwide,” the team revealed, showing how many people are saved through their faith.

This is far from the first poll or survey to reveal these types of findings. Faith and family values have repeatedly been linked to increased levels of happiness, particularly here in America.

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