MVP A-Team Monthly

Be a part of the MVP A-Team and get FULL ACCESS PASS to Million Voices communications, educational support, digital products, and “we contact your rep for you”.

  • We send regular letters on your behalf to your state representatives and statewide and/or federal elected officials. When they are not in session or elections are underway, your additional gifts are used to share more voter guides with people just like you
  • Unlimited Access to ALL video support and updates
  • Commentary and videos from Million Voices
  • MVNews! – We highlight key news in the US, The Globe, that is critical to our culture Info-Products – deep summary sheets on elections, Voter Guides, analysis on policy and legislation
  • Voter Registration Assistance – We help YOU, and your friends register to vote and inform you of critical election, legislation, litigation, and cultural updates
  • Voter Guides – Your monthly donation supports 350 people to get the non-partisan voter guides (candidate fact sheets) which are the #1 factor moving voters to vote in elections!
  • Pause to Pray and Regular Devotions – We have a prayer team 6 days per week and will be adding more this year
  • Membership to ALL MV social media groups
  • New Tools to USE YOUR VOICE
  • Introduction to partner organizations and special offers
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