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Be a part of the MVP A-Team and get FULL ACCESS PASS to Million Voices communications, educational support, digital products, and “we contact your rep for you”.

  • We send regular letters on your behalf to your state representatives and statewide and/or federal elected officials. When they are not in session or elections are underway, your additional gifts are used to share more voter guides with people just like you
  • Unlimited Access to ALL video support and updates
  • Commentary and videos from Million Voices
  • MVNews! – We highlight key news in the US, The Globe, that is critical to our culture Info-Products – deep summary sheets on elections, Voter Guides, analysis on policy and legislation
  • Voter Registration Assistance – We help YOU, and your friends register to vote and inform you of critical election, legislation, litigation, and cultural updates
  • Voter Guides – Your monthly donation supports 350 people to get the non-partisan voter guides (candidate fact sheets) which are the #1 factor moving voters to vote in elections!
  • Pause to Pray and Regular Devotions – We have a prayer team 6 days per week and will be adding more this year
  • Membership to ALL MV social media groups
  • New Tools to USE YOUR VOICE
  • Introduction to partner organizations and special offers
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Voter Guides Educational Drive 2024 - Support Million Voices

For every $1 you contribute we will send the FREE guide to 10 voters across America. Your donation goes toward the research, preparation, and the distribution of guides for the general election. Million Voices stewards your donation to create the greatest impact.

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