Owning Gold and Silver Thanks to State Bill

Apr 14, 2023

The state of Texas is currently considering two bills that would make it significantly easier for the average American to own gold and silver, and use it as they please.

According to the details published by AlignAct, “Texas already has a Bullion Depository and by allowing the use of Texas Transactional Currency.” Bills SB2234 and HB4903 would allow the average American to own gold and silver, just like anyone else, and the ability to spend it with a debit card.

To find out more about how this impacts you, watch this incredible episode of Stinchfield Tonight to learn more. (LEARN MORE: The Government Is Trying To Put Your Retirement In Non-Profitable Investments)

How It Works

The legislation would force the Texas state comptroller to create a digital currency that would be fully backed with gold and silver, and fully redeemable as cash or gold or silver, according to ZeroHedge. (LEARN MORE: ‘Threat To Our Freedom’: Governor Explains How Govt. Is Trying To Make Social Credit Scores Legal)

The bill hopes to mitigate any risk of the U.S. government “turning off” people’s ability to access their cash through the cultivation of central bank digital currencies. “The creation of a state-issued gold-backed digital currency would create currency competition with Federal Reserve notes and undermine the Fed’s monopoly on money. It would also provide an alternative if the Federal Reserve implements a central bank digital currency,” ZeroHedge wrote.

The American Economy Explained

If you missed it, we shared a great story from Newsmax that perfectly summarizes the current state of the American economy. “We just saw the fall of one of America’s Top 20 Banks on Friday. In fact, as recently as March 6th, SVB or Silicon Valley Bank was the number one tech start-up bank financing much of the venture capital in the industry,” host Carl Higbie explained in March.

It’s almost like the government is trying to destroy the economy on purpose

Economic policy is only as complicated as the government makes it. And a handful of corrupt individuals do not have to destroy your life. (LEARN MORE: ‘Our Money Our Values’ Educates Americans On The Dangers Of ESG Policies)

If you’re sick of the Democrats destroying the economy, you can help end their tyrannical behavior today.

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