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Reality Television Star Baptized Where ‘Jesus Was Baptized’

by | Oct 15, 2023

Reality TV star Bear Grylls, 49, was recently baptized in the Jordan River, fulfilling a lifelong “dream of mine,” he said on X.

“It had always been a dream of mine to get in the water that Jesus was baptised in by my hero John the Baptist. The story is so amazing, & it seems wherever Jesus went, that new birth, new life, a new vision followed. Luke (in the bible) was probably a Syrian doctor before he met Jesus. He writes a reliable, poignant account of his life. It’s short. I like it,” Grylls wrote on the platform.

Grylls is a life-long Christian, and found his faith naturally as a child. “Where I knew God existed and it felt very free and pretty wild and natural, and it wasn’t religious,” he said in a previous interview with CBN. “Then I went to school and, suddenly, it all became much more religious, and I thought, ‘Oh, I don’t like this.’ It was all about churchgoing and telling you not to smoke behind the bike shed when you are age 12.”

His Prayer Of Finding Faith

“[His death came] totally out of the blue, and it was a real shock to me,” he recalled. “I remember wanting to pray, but not knowing how to, and I remember sitting up in this tree and saying a very simple prayer that said, ‘Will You be that friend to me that You were when I was like five or six and it felt natural? Amen.'” he said of losing his Godfather.

“And that was actually a prayer of finding a faith. And I think for life now it’s still a continued journey of not letting too much of the religious stuff cloud the heart of faith that is very simple. It’s about being loved. It’s about being forgiven. It’s about finding home. And those are great things that all of us need.”

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