REPORT: 200 Muslim Men Find Christ In Gaza

Nov 25, 2023

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More than 200 Muslim men in Gaza converted to Christianity after sharing the same dream of Jesus, according to Christian professor Michael Licona, the Western Journal reported.

Licona, an author and professor of New Testament studies at Houston Christian University, made the claim on Facebook. “God is working in the midst of war!” he told followers, before sharing a note from Palestine’s underground Christian ministries. (LEARN MORE: Asbury Revival Continues To Go Viral, Beating Mainstream Ratings For Demonic Performances)

“Over the past two days, we have ministered to hundreds of fathers who have lost most, if not all, of their children in the war. As we moved these men to safety, we fed them, washed their clothes, and began to read the Bible to them — sharing the way of peace through Jesus.”

The Alleged Miracle

“Then, a big miracle happened. Last night, Jesus appeared to more than 200 of them in their dreams! They have come back to us to learn more from God’s Word and are asking how to follow Jesus,” he continued. He closed the post with his personal stance on the conflict, and his prayers for all those involved.

Apparently, this isn’t the first time Christ has appeared in the dreams of Muslims. Missionary for the Assemblies of God, Dick Brogden, said he’s seeing Christian revelations amongst Muslims in a way not experienced for 1,400 years. (LEARN MORE: 3rd Great Awakening: 100s Baptized As Revivals Erupt Across America)

“Dreams are contributing to revelation … the process of evangelism and conversion,” Brodgen claimed. “So many Muslims reject Islam but know that to follow Jesus will cost them everything. Dreams of Jesus encourage them along the way and give them the comfort that Jesus will be with them — though it cost them everything to follow Him.”

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