‘Rico Suave’ Singer Launches Christian Film Franchise

Dec 23, 2023

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“Rico Suave” singer Gerardo Mejia, the Ecuadorian singer-turned-Christian pastor, recently announced the production of a film franchise, in which he will serve as executive producer.

The project is called “Celestials,” the synopsis of which reads: “in the serene heart of the Heavens, as Lucifer questions the very fabric of angelic existence, a division grows, leading to a celestial war that threatens to tear apart the divine realm, with destinies forever changed,” according to the Christian Post.

“In a realm of celestial brilliance, angels live in harmony. The Morning Star, Lucifer, shines brightest, leading the heavenly choir. But beneath this harmony, Lucifer’s growing doubts about the angelic purpose create ripples of dissent. From hushed conversations to grand debates, he gathers a faction yearning for change.”

Where Is ‘Rico Suave’ Now?

Mejia, who earned international fame for his musical career, is now a pastor in Ashland, Kentucky, where he lives with his wife and children. He’s known locally as “Pastor G,” and has a congregation well into the hundreds.

He wants to launch the project at this time because he sees that people are “searching for something to believe” as we move through these uncertain times. “Celestials can be the basic introduction that educates the mind of the viewer to trust the heart,” Mejia said in a statement. “This is a project that will please the conservative believer and make an impact on the atheist. The story of Lucifer’s reign and downfall is the blueprint for every gangster movie and every superstar’s demise. We are going to get closer and more personal with the celestial beings that have always been fighting on our behalf.”

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