School Board Sworn In Over Explicit Writing

Dec 12, 2023

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The latest president to rule Pennsylvania’s biggest school district was sworn into her role with her palm open on sexually explicit literature.

Democrat Karen Smith was sworn in Monday night in the Central Bucks School District, and immediately removed all Republican-led pro-parent policies, The Washington Stand announced. Smith refused to use a Bible during the ceremony and instead chose to use a pile of sexually explicit books that were, for some unknown reason, designed for children.

“I’m not particularly religious,” Smith explained. “The Bible doesn’t hold significant meaning for me, and given everything that has occurred in the last couple of years, the banned books, they do mean something to me at this point.” The books in question depict graphic homosexual activity, with one featuring illustrations of teenage pornography. (LEARN MORE: Liberal Media Tries To Claim Child Sex Trafficking Movie Is A ‘Conspiracy Theory’)

How To Remove Sexual Content From Your Children’s Reading Programs At School

Montana, Missouri, Texas state libraries, and Campbell County, Wyoming, cut ties with the American Library Association (ALA) in 2023, and nine other states are demanding similar action, The Associated Press reported in September.

The ban came after a series of books detailing and promoting pedophilia and sexual grooming and experimentation of young children, the Christian Post reported. The ALA’s choice to stock heavily sexualized content for children was called “the crest of [the] culture crisis,” by one community member in Wyoming.

ALA president Emily Drabinski called herself a “Marxist lesbian” on social media, which led to significant backlash over the content of the stories sent to young people. “Marxist ideologies directly oppose our Montana values,” Montana’s superintendent of public instruction Else Arntzen said of the comment. (LEARN MORE: Republican Gov. Pulls PBS Funding Over ‘Indoctrination And Over-Sexualization’ Of Children)

But you can remove the ALA and other institutions set on sexualizing your children today.

Do you have parental rights in your state?

By contacting your local representatives today, you can protect children in your state from the damage caused by unelected officials who think they know what’s best.

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