School Choice Faces Major Battle In One State. Here’s What You Need To Know.

Oct 10, 2023

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Dozens of states are preparing for new school choice policies. But what does this actually mean?

In Texas, the fight is focused on universal education savings account (ESA) policy, according to The Hill. ESAs provide families with greater options for educating their children, including alternative and private schools, as well as homeschooling opportunities.

Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed a proclamation in October that called upon state lawmakers to provide every single child in Texas with ESA. Previous attempts to support his constituents have failed, but there is hope this time around. (LEARN MORE: Universal School Choice Enacted In 10th State. What Does This Mean For You?)

“Governor Abbott has been on a parental empowerment campaign since January, February — visiting schools all across Texas to advocate for parents to have the right to decide where their children attend,” Texas Homeschool Coalition policy director Anita Scott said of the new special session.

Concerns Over Cash

Republicans in Texas are fearful ESA would remove cash from their schools. But Scott says this fear is ill-founded. “The same way in Texas when charter schools became a new reality outside of public schools —there was a concern that charter schools would sort of decrease the student population and public schools. And it’s actually created a healthy competition that raises the standards and raises the rigor, so we’re inviting our rural Republican friends to remember that reality and inviting them to be ready to expand even more opportunities,” Scott noted. (LEARN MORE: School To Pay $80,000 For Silencing Christians)

Where Else Does School Choice Stand A Chance?

Advocates for school choice in North Carolina, Iowa, Utah, Florida, and Arkansas created universal ESAs in 2023. And other states developed their own unique programs to help students struggling within the failing public school system.

Community Keeps Us Going

The government may think your child’s life and education career is best conducted under their rule, but we know that parents should always come first. There are entire cities where public schools can’t educate one student to math proficiency — do you really want this for your child’s experience?

You can tell your local, state, and federally elected officials how you want your public schools to look today. Sign up for www.Change.MillionVoices.org today (text MV to 80550). We’ll ensure your voice in heard. Our mission is to ensure the voice of voters and taxpayers is turned into action, and your elected officials are held responsible for their actions.

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