School Choice Fuels Innovation, Experts Say

Oct 22, 2023

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Experts told the Washington Stand that while left-wing critics try to spin universal school choice as a threat to the country, it’s actually helping fuel innovation and education.

An additional 90,000 Florida students enrolled in private schools and other educational programs in the last academic year thanks to universal school choice being enacted throughout the state, the National Review reported Sunday. Left-leaning organizations have said the programs will hurt states financially. But in reality, the opposite is true.

The Florida Policy Institute estimated the new program would cost $2 billion for the first year. This number was 10 times higher than what the state estimated.

Leaders Protecting Families

“[The estimates] were grossly over-inflated in their estimates, and that they did so, in my mind, deliberately to stop kids from having the kind of customized, quality education that they deserve, and only for partisan purposes and in defense of their union allies that put the needs and interests of institutions and adults over the needs of children,” Republican Florida house speaker Paul Renner said of the left-wing backlash.

Even Democrat lawmakers have reached out to Renner to see how their families can benefit from the bill. A bill that some of these Democrats voted against. (LEARN MORE: Universal School Choice Enacted In 10th State. What Does This Mean For You?)

Community Keeps Us Going

The government may think your child’s life and education career is best conducted under their rule, but we know that parents should always come first. There are entire cities where public schools can’t educate one student to math proficiency — do you really want this for your child’s experience?

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