Scientific Evidence On Star Of Bethlehem Revealed In New Film

Nov 10, 2023

“God of Heaven and Earth” was released in theaters, on Sunday, presenting audiences with scientific evidence for how the Three Wise Men followed the Star of Bethlehem more than 600 miles to Israel, where they found Jesus Christ.

The film dives into an investigation of how Jupiter “stopped” over Bethlehem on December 25, 2 B.C. Apparently, the star described a time when Jupiter and Venus would combine in the night sky to create the brightest thing humans had seen in potentially hundreds of years. The story also explores evidence of the crucifixion and the earthquake described by Matthew 27:51-54.

“God of Heaven and Earth”

“The Wise Men had to feel like the whole universe was moved just for them — particularly when the star is hanging over Bethlehem,” producer Elliott Wallach told Christian Headlines.

“I want people to walk away going, ‘God’s Word is true,'” Wallach continued. “Even if it’s something so big and fantastic [as the star], the Bible can handle the scrutiny. … It’s one of the most important things I’ve ever done.”

“I wanted to know what was true not because I was raised that way, not because it was comfortable, not because it’s something that was expected of me – I wanted it to be based on science and facts,” he said. “So having a film like this – for somebody else that might be seeking in the same way, it appeals to me more than anything I can say.”

More Evidence Of Our Great Awakening

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The 3rd Great Awakening

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