State Slashes DEI Positions At Public Universities

Dec 26, 2023

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Wisconsin’s GOP-led legislature forced the state’s higher education system to cut DEI positions in diversity, equity, and inclusion work in exchange for $1 billion in funding, according to the Washington Stand.

“Anything that decreases DEI on campus is a good thing,” Wisconsin Family Action President Julaine Appling told The Washington Stand. “If that’s the kind of agreement we’ve got, which I believe it is, then this deal is a win for the people of Wisconsin, and certainly for the students.” The state had already cut $32 million from its higher education programs, an amount previously used to fund DEI programs.

“Division, Exclusion, And Indoctrination”

Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos called for cutting DEI funding after saying the acronym stands for “division, exclusion, and indoctrination.” And many DEI offices on campuses have been linked to antisemitic actions following the Hamas terror attacks of October 7.

The University of Wisconsin now has to freeze DEI hiring, reassign the existing 43 DEI officials to other roles, abolish affirmative action faculty programs, and prohibit diversity statements on student applications.

Vos said he’d “do everything in my power to make sure we either enforce this deal or we wait until the next budget to talk about it again. We are not going to give the raises, we are not going to approve these new building programs, we are not going to approve the new money for the university unless they at least pass this deal.”

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