State Voters Bans Foreign And Nongovernment Funding For Public Elections

Oct 22, 2023

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Voters in Louisiana chose to ban the use of “Zuckbucks” in public elections, quelling a significant threat of manipulation from foreign governments and nongovernmental sources, JustTheNews reported Wednesday.

Voters went to the polls on Saturday to choose their next government, lieutenant governor, attorney general, secretary of state, and state treasurer, and to decide upon four ballot measures. One of those ballot measures asked whether voters support prohibiting “foreign government or a nongovernmental source(s)” from funding elections unless the secretary of state authorizes said funds via established law. Louisiana has no policies that would allow this.

Overwhelming Response

Only 27.4% of voters said “no” to the measure, with 72.6% saying yes, let’s ban election interference.

““Louisiana has joined a movement of more than two dozen states declaring that elections should never be privatized, and we’re pleased that voters acted resoundingly to ban ‘Zuckerbucks’ once and for all after the governor’s politically motivated veto,” Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli said on Monday. “The House and Senate should be applauded for advancing this critical anti-corruption amendment which let voters decide whether the campaign financing scheme should be allowed to pollute Louisiana’s elections.”

Make Elections Legal Again

You can follow Louisiana’s lead and ban foreign investment and private purchase of politicians across the U.S. All you have to do is tell your local, state, and federally-elected officials how important free and fair elections are to you, and to the Constitutions of our nation.

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