Please join us for a Celebration of Steve Taylor

Sunday, September 4th @ 3pm
Compass Church - 830 Padre Drive, Salinas, CA 93901
Reception to follow

In remembrance of Steve's life, the family asks that any charitable donations be made to Million Voices.

100% of all donations will be directed by the wishes of the Steve Taylor family. 100% will be matched - doubling your gift!

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Dear Family and Friends,

I'm writing to all of you from a different location today... a much, much better spot. I met Jesus face to face this morning and joined him in heaven around 4:40 am (I'm dead, just to clarify if you didn't pick that up). I'm sorry it's been a little while since my last update to you all; there have been some recent complications in my physical state and health leading to this moment. I had a very rapid decline which included my heart failing, and was surrounded by family and friends in my final days. I think it was fitting that I went on a Sunday, the Lord's Day.

I got new lungs (and a new heart) but had to go to a different place than I had hoped and planned to get it. It is much nicer in heaven than Arizona. I can breathe again on my own!! I don't need that dumb ventilator anymore. I ditched the trach and got to have a loaded baked potato and ribs from Smalley's (which is conveniently located on the street of Gold). I'm enjoying my new neighborhood and residence over by the West Gate and will be hanging out here waiting for each of you (hopefully not too soon though, take your time). Without Kate here, I didn't have quite as many boxes to move. In fact, I got to bring nothing with me.

Currently, working on Senate candidates right now for the West Congressional District of Heaven. I know this is an update on my status, but I'm also looking for donations for this really good candidate that I think can really impact our community. You might have heard of him; his name is Lazarus. He's won a couple purple hearts; he's a really good friend of Jesus', he's died twice and been raised from the dead once. He's got a lot of good stories, character, and I think it qualifies him well to lead. We're already good buddies.

Thank you for all your love, support, generosity, and friendship. The Angels have been telling me how much you have been fervently praying for Kate and I these past few months and even prior to that. Your prayers have been heard, your intercessions addressed, and your love felt. I felt so completely loved by all of you throughout this process and in my final days on earth.

I want to leave you with a few thoughts; this was one of the last notes I wrote on earth.

God Father
Holy Spirit
Never gave up on me.

And I know that they carried me through my last days on earth and brought me here to heaven.

If I can leave you with one parting gift, I want you to know that I am in heaven. You can weep tears of sadness and joy for me, remember the good times we had together, but more than anything, live your life to the fullest with an eye toward heaven. This is the place; this is the goal, trust in Jesus. He is the way and the truth and the life... and life is good here.

And like I always said on earth, God is good!


Steve Taylor

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