Surprise Poll Finds 73% Say Biden ‘Too Old’ To Be President

Mar 5, 2024

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A Siena College poll released by the New York Times in early March found that 73% of Americans believe President Joe Biden is “too old to be an effective president.”

The NY Times said the poll results were a “grave threat” to Biden’s reelection, particularly as 61% of Democrats who voted for him in 2020 agreed that he was far “too old” to do his job for another four years, Newsmax reported. Former President Donald Trump also brought up the poll during his Saturday night campaign rally in Richmond, Virginia.

“I’m running for president and leading big in all the polls. I mean, when The New York Times has this front page story tomorrow — you’ll see, it just came out — Trump is killing this guy,” Trump told the crowd. “They’re not happy. I guess, maybe they are happy. I mean, frankly, they did the best they’ve ever done four years of Trump. They were doing much better than they do right now.”(LEARN MORE: Supreme Court To Hear Ultimate Free Speech, Censorship Case)

How The Times Analyzed The Results

“The survey pointed to a fundamental shift in how voters who backed Mr. Biden four years ago have come to see him,” the NY Times wrote. “A striking 61% said they thought he was ‘just too old’ to be an effective president.” They further noted that 19% “of those who voted for Mr. Biden in 2020, and 13 percent of those who said they would back him in November, said the 81-year-old president’s age was such a problem that he was no longer capable of handling the job.” (LEARN MORE: Trump Disqualified From Illinois Ballot)

“He’s incompetent; he’s clearly struggling to fulfill his duties,” one former Biden voter from Alabama told the outlet. “He’s clearly reached the point where he’s too old for the job.”

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The New York Times/Siena College polled 980 registered voters Feb. 25-28. The results have a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

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