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Use this email to support the Texas Transactional Currency Bills SB 2334 and HB4903:

Hey MillionVoices,

I have great news to help us fight off inflation and increase your buying power! The Texas Legislature is considering a law to allow all citizens to have debit cards backed by their own gold in the TX Bullion Depository!

Under the Constitution, Texas can’t print paper money but can have gold-based currency!  Paper money has lost 87% of its value since 1971 when Nixon abandoned the gold standard. This new law is not cryptocurrency and no more digital than your current debit or credit cards.

This law provides the convenience of a debit card tied to your own transactional gold as a great way to protect your pocketbook against future inflation!  It is as easy as opening a bank account.  Protect your hard-earned money!

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Thanks for making a difference! 


Honorable Will Metcalf

100 Nuget Street, Conroe, TX, 77301

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Suppor Texas SB Bill #2334 and Texas HB#4903 for Texas Transactional Currency

Dear Honorable Will Metcalf,

I support the digital gold currency bills currently under consideration and request that you vote yes to this initiative. Senator Bryan Hughes introduced Senate Bill 2334 on March 10, while state Representative Mark Dorazio introduced House Bill 4903 on the same day, stating that a fractional equivalent amount of physical gold would back the digital currency.

I support this initiative because it allows Texans and others interested in investing in Texas to have a gold-backed currency to use in the marketplace during these globally uncertain economic times. As the largest of the 48 contiguous states and the second most populated state in the USA, it makes sense that Texas is leading a bold initiative to safeguard our economy.

Thank you for serving as my elected official. I appreciate your efforts on behalf of your constituents and keep you in my daily prayers.

Concerned Citizen

Million Voices