Texas House Bans COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates. Democrats Still Want It For Public Institutions

Oct 26, 2023

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Texas moved one step closer to banning COVID-19 vaccine mandates for private employers early Thursday, according to the Texas Tribune.

“This bill is not about infringing on employers’ ability to protect their employees in the workplace. And this bill is not about what vaccines are good or bad, or what vaccines someone should or should not take,” Republican state Rep. Jeff Leach said of the bill. “This bill is instead about who should decide.”

Almost all Republicans were in favor of the bill, and most Democrats were opposed. Should the bill be signed into law, violators would be charged a fine of $50,000. (LEARN MORE: New Study Suggest Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Causes Heart Damage More Often Than Previously Considered)

Democrats Vote To Keep Mandates

A video shared online Wednesday showed Texas Speaker Dade Phelan deciding to keep the COVID-19 mandates for college students, including nursing students, and medical students. It’s unclear why Phelan and Democrats felt the need to place undue pressure on the healthcare of healthcare professionals.

Say Yes To Your Freedom

There is a significant lack of data proving the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines. Yet many lawmakers think they should be mandated for those most at risk from the side effects. You can also start lobbying your local, state, and federally elected representatives today to protect you against future government and medical overreach.

Sign up for www.Change. MillionVoices.org today (text MV to 80550) for the easiest means of getting in touch with your elected officials to tell them to STOP their medical tyranny. Share this article with your friends and family so they can stay informed, and take action to protect our beautiful nation.

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