‘The Chosen’ Star On Playing The Bad Guy

Dec 2, 2023

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Season four of “The Chosen” is set for theatrical premieres across America in 2024. And one of its biggest bad guys sat down for an interview with the Christian Post’s podcast “Crossmap” to discuss his time on the show.

You might not know the name Brandon Potter just yet, but you definitely know his most acclaimed role as Quintus, the terrifying Roman guard from “The Chosen.” With more than 200 acting credits to his name, Potter is arguably one of the most successful voice actors in the entertainment industry. But his legacy will be steeped in his iconic role on the Dallas Jenkins-created show.

“With bad guys, you have to reach a little bit further outside of yourself,” Potter told Crossmap. “Sometimes, when you’re playing a hero, someone in love, or someone struggling with life, you can sort of look into your own experience. But I really enjoy going outside of myself, like trying to empathize with someone whom I don’t agree with or whom I would never model my behavior on. No one wakes up every day thinking, ‘I’m going to be a bad guy today.'”

What’s Next For ‘The Chosen’

“I actually think this is going to be the most impactful season we’ve ever done emotionally and spiritually,” Jenkins said earlier this year. During the editing process for the new episodes, Jenkins said they turned out far more intense than he anticipated. (LEARN MORE: ‘The Chosen’ Reveals Hidden Secrets Within The Show)

But the great news is that we have at least three more seasons of “The Chosen” to look forward to. It’s unclear what season five will entail, but season six will detail Jesus’ arrest, death, and crucifixion. “Season 7 is what happens afterward,” Jenkins stated.

Where To Watch “The Chosen”

The Chosen” is available via Angel Studio’s website, as well as Netflix, Roku, Tubi, Peacock, and more. (LEARN MORE: Boldness Is On The Rise: VIDEO)

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