Tiny Minority Of Journalists Are Republican

Jan 5, 2024

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A survey recently conducted by Syracuse University found that only 3.4% of American journalists identify as Republican.

A further 36.4% of those surveyed identified as Democrat, showing a large disparity between the two political groups. The survey was conducted online amongst a cohort of 1,600 different U.S. journalists back in early 2022, so these statistics may have changed slightly since the data was initially gathered.

The survey also studied journalists’ “perspectives on the work, professional attitudes, and ethics” of their careers.

Dramatic Shift

The survey was first conducted in 1971, when some 25.7% of journalists said they were Republican, but that number has steadily dropped. There was a slight uptick in 2002, when the number went from 16.4% a decade earlier to 18% by the start of the new millennium, the Washington Stand noted.

This shocking decline in the number of Republican journalists comes amid one of the greatest trust crises in modern history. A majority of Americans don’t trust the media, with 39% of the population recently stating they don’t trust the media at all. Bias is also a concern for Americans, which is clearly well-founded.

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