Trump Wins Big Heading Into Super Tuesday

Mar 6, 2024

Former President Donald Trump won North Dakota’s presidential caucus ahead of Super Tuesday in March.

Trump won North Dakota with 84.9% of the vote to former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley’s 14.1%, according to Interactive Polls. North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum endorsed Trump for the position back in January, according to Breitbart, despite him being a former presidential candidate himself. (LEARN MORE: Gen Z Needs To Be ‘Bold’)

“We had a friend and a partner in the White House who understood us and who wanted to see our states succeed versus being regulated out of business,” Burgum said in January. “Now, I’ve had a chance as governor to see what the world is like under Joe Biden, and America needs a 180-degree change in the direction of where Joe Biden has taken us.”

Trump’s Wins So Far

Trump has won Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina, along with winning the Michigan State Convention and the Missouri Republican Caucus. On Saturday, he also won all 32 available delegates from the Idaho Republican caucuses.

The big question is whether Haley will bow out of the race before or after Super Tuesday, which Trump is expected to sweep. (LEARN MORE: GOP Impeaches Mayorkas Over Border)

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