Vikings QB Talks About the Love of Jesus

Nov 17, 2023

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Josh Dobbs told The Jackson Post that ‘all that really matters’ in life is the love of Jesus Christ.

Dobbs was at the Christian Athletes annual golf tournament in Jackson, Florida, when he decided to speak at a Fellowship Bible Church the Sunday before. This was Father’s Day, 2023, and for some reason, his beautiful words only just reached us now. (LEARN MORE: Actor Dennis Quaid Thanks God For Helping Him Through Addiction)

Dobbs was baptized in High School on the weekend of his 16th birthday. The same weekend, his high school basketball team won a state title. “With every great memory we made that weekend, all of that pales in comparison to that,” Dobbs said. “That was the time I publicly proclaimed my faith in Jesus Christ, and at the end of the day and end of our lives is all that really matters. He’s been faithful to me, so I aim to be faithful to Him in everything I do as a man.”


Dobbs’ skills in the NFL are more than apparent. “Josh Dobbs was a superhero,” beat writer Alec Lewis of The Athletic wrote after the QB’s first win. “Wore all the capes. Had all the answers. How they did this, how they had the fortitude through it all with five days of game planning, is beyond anything I’ve experienced.” (LEARN MORE: Actor Tom Selleck Credits Christ For All His Success)

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