Voters Lose Confidence In Biden Over Soaring Consumer Prices

Feb 8, 2024

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An NBC Poll published in early February found the constant increases in consumer goods prices are leading to a loss of confidence in Joe Biden’s presidency.

When asked who would handle the economy better, former President Donald Trump or Biden, Trump won with more than 20 points on our current president, according to NBC. Thanks to ongoing issues with inflation, the economy is most voter’s top concern ahead of the 2024 election cycle. And it’s brought Biden’s approval rating to the lowest ever: just 37%.

“What’s happening in America today is you’ve got red states with low taxes, less regulation, [and] right-to-work that are doing extraordinarily well,” Heritage Foundation fellow Stephen Moore told Washington Watch. “You know, they’re actually booming [in] Texas, Florida, Tennessee, Utah, Idaho. So many of these states, [like] South Carolina, the southern states are doing amazing. … [B]y the way, the South now is the number one leading region in the economy. It used to be the northeast for 100 years. But the northeast is losing its people, its businesses, its capital. And they’re going to states like Florida and Texas and Arizona … because the taxes are lower [and] there’s a more pro-business atmosphere. They follow free market policies. That’s what American businesses want. That’s what workers want.”

Biden Blames Grocery Stores

Biden told a crowd in Columbia, South Carolina, that it’s the grocery stores who are to blame for high consumer prices, according to Fox News. “Inflation is coming down.  It’s now lower in America than any other major economy in the world,” Biden stated. “The cost of eggs, milk, chicken, gas, and so many other essential items have come down. But for all we’ve done to bring prices down, there are still too many corporations in America ripping people off: price gouging, junk fees, greedflation, shrinkflation.”

Biden vowed to “keep on” at grocery store owners to bring their prices down but didn’t offer any actual process or method for making this happen. Since Biden took office, Americans have seen a $100 grocery shop increase to an average of $125.51, but most of us have seen far higher increases than this average.

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