‘We Need Jesus’: Joe Rogan & Aaron Rodgers On Faith

Feb 26, 2024

NFL superstar Aaron Rodgers joined podcaster Joe Rogan for a February episode of his show “The Joe Rogan Experience,” where they, in part, discussed America’s need for faith.

“I think as time rolls on, people are going to understand the need to have some sort of divine structure to things, some sort of belief in the sanctity of love and of truth, and a lot of that comes from a religion,” Rogan told Rodgers on the show.

“A lot of people’s moral compass and the guidelines that they’ve used and follow to live a just and righteous life has come from religion. And unfortunately, a lot of very intelligent people, they dismiss all the positive aspects of religion because they think that the stories are mere superstitious fairy tales, that they have no place in this modern world; ‘we’re inherently good, and your ethics are based on your own moral compass, and we all have one,’ and that’s not necessarily true.”

Soldiers During War

Rogan used an example of soldiers during war as evidence for the absence of a moral guide, the Christian Post noted. Veterans spend their careers killing people in service to their nation, only to return and struggle to integrate and resume normal lives, often facing huge amounts of psychological distress.

“We need Jesus. For real, like if you come back now, like Jesus, if you’re thinking about coming back, right now, now’s a good time. Now’s a good time,” he continued. The conversation then turned the chaos of the world right now.

“It might be, we reach a certain point where we’re so unmanageable and so chaotic, that something comes down and gives us a guideline,” Rogan said, following Rodger’s comment that Jesus may be coming back imminently. “I mean, this is what Moses essentially experienced, supposedly, when he came back with his Ten Commandments. These people that have had these religious visions, none of them are … ‘we’re f—-d.’ All the religious visions are, ‘There’s a way to do this. There’s a guide. There’s a way to follow and there’s a greater power that’s above everything that controls this whole thing and keeps it all together, and there are laws to adhere to that will make for a much better life for all humans and all life on Earth.’”

Everything Matters

“Everything we do matters,” Rodgers stated. “I think atheists can find their own religion. It might be the religion of science, or the religion of climate change, or whatever it might be, but to not believe in a higher power means that really nothing we do matters, and ultimately, I live and I die, and that’s it. So whatever purpose you might have, it’s short-lived. It’s just for this. There’s nothing else going on. I have a hard time with that because I believe there’s a seen world and an unseen world. And there’s forces of good and forces of evil, and that there’s a purpose for all this and there’s a lot of reasons why we’re doing this. There’s a lot of opportunities to do this. I’d like to get it right this time around.”

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