Woman Raised From Death Through Prayer, Doctor Testifies

Dec 29, 2023

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A medical doctor from Coffeyville, Kansas, recently testified that a woman under his care was raised from the dead through the power of prayer, CBN reported.

Dr. Landon D. Vinson, an emergency room doctor at the Coffeyville Regional Medical Center, told the First Assembly of God of the miracle that happened during the spring of 2021. An unnamed woman was brought into the ER and given CPR for an hour after her arrival. Unfortunately, the woman died.

“We did get her heart beating again, but essentially the only thing keeping her heart going were shots of adrenalin in her bloodstream and putting her on a ventilator,” Vinson told his congregation. “From a medical standpoint, she wasn’t alive. She was what we call ‘brain dead.'” The woman showed no signs of responding. Her pupils were fixed and dilated. She had no gag reflex, and her limbs were already showing signs of mottling (the onset of rigor mortis). As a result, she was removed from life support.

What Happened Next?

The woman’s husband called someone to call a priest to come and pray. Vinson said, “sure, we’ll wait for the pastor to get here.” He was waiting on Rev. Randy DePriest, who was informed of the woman’s death when he arrived at the hospital.

“We began to pray over her,” the doctor continued. “My head was bowed. There was a nurse in the room. Maybe just a couple minutes into the prayer, a machine began sounding an alarm. I thought I would just turn it off so it would not be distracting. When I looked up, spontaneous breath began coming back. I saw a hand moving on this woman.”

As DePriest asked her questions, she began nodding and responding.  “Do you know Jesus Christ as your Savior?” he continued. She nodded in response. “That’s great news. Today we’re going to do what scripture says. Where two or three agree, touching anything, and believing in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, asking Him, it shall be done. So I’m asking God to restore your health and to heal you. Does that sound alright?”

She nodded again.

“This made no sense to me because she did not have any sign of life,” Vinson said. “We had taken her off all medications. We had given her four medications to keep her heart going. Those were all turned off. But now her blood pressure was strong. It was going through the roof.”

“Keep Going and Fight”

Vinson asked if the woman could hear him. She nodded again. “‘Can you hear me?'” She nodded her head ‘Yes.’ I asked, ‘Do you want us to keep going and fight?’ She aggressively shook her head ‘Yes.'” Vinson explained. “That was the first true miracle that I’ve ever seen. It was a very humbling moment. I kept hearing God saying, ‘That is my child. I decide who lives.'”

“In summary, she was clinically dead and we were preparing to pronounce her so. She began moving and responding to the pastor’s questions during his prayer. She was not just generating her own heartbeat and blood pressure now, she was fighting the ventilator by her own breathing. She needed sedation medication to keep her on the cot and to facilitate transportation,” he later explained to CBN. “I see no other explanation than a miracle for this phenomenon. I am not claiming that a pastor raised a woman from the dead. I am saying his steadfast faith and prayer triggered or released something spiritual that transcended realms. I don’t know that I’ll ever understand the mechanism, but I know she was dead before the prayer, and alive after.”

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