Young Americans Think Holocaust Is ‘Exaggerated’ Or ‘Myth’

Dec 16, 2023

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A YouGov poll recently found that one in five young Americans believes the truth about the Holocaust is a “myth” or “exaggerated” as part of a political plot.

Some 30% of respondents aged 18  to 29 doubt the legitimacy of the horrific genocidal tragedy, and roughly 25% of what is told is “exaggerated.” A lack of knowledge about the Holocaust was first discovered in 2020 during a similar poll of all 50 states amongst a similar age cohort.

“Anti-Semitism has grown to its highest percent in about three decades. Since the October 7 Hamas attacks on Israel, the question many are asking is, did the attacks spark this outburst in anti-Semitism, or did it expose what had already been building for some time?” wrote Sarah Holliday of the Washington Stand in her astute analysis of the data.

Unchurched, Uneducated

“his phenomenon is a strange combination of American youth being unchurched and uneducated,” Meg Kilgannon, a senior fellow for the Education Studies at the Family Research Center told the outlet. “When people young or old are unaware of who the Jewish people are in salvation history, they will be unable to believe something like the Holocaust could happen to them or anyone else.” (LEARN MORE: Major News Organization Rejects All Harvard, MIT, Penn Grads Over School’s Antisemitism)

“The Marxist march through our institutions includes the church and the schools,” Kilgannon added. “And the result of this will not be a communist utopia, but rather a hellscape where terrorist attacks are normalized as ‘anticolonial … You can only maintain such an insane narrative when historical events like the Holocaust are lost to history.”

You Deserve Leaders Who Protect You From Terror

Everyone deserves to live in a country where their elected officials will protect them from war and terror. Right now, we have a president with a proven track record of abandoning his people. Is this what you want for the future of our nation?

A huge part of our future is ensuring our children are educated enough to protect themselves from the ignorance of others. (LEARN MORE: Pastor Greg Laurie Speaks of Biblical Prophecy Fulfillment Over Israel-Hamas War)

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