Youngest GOP Senator Shares Shocking Story

Jan 6, 2024

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The youngest female Republican senator ever elected, Alabama’s Katie Britt, detailed her shocking journey from surviving catastrophe to the Senate chamber in a January conversation with CBN.

In 2011, Britt and her husband Wesley were living in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, at a time when tornadoes were plaguing the state with seemingly unending chaos. The Britt’s were in the path of the storm. “In that storm, the helplessness that you feel. Remembering your faith, remembering to rely on the Lord, we were praying. As the storm approached, we could feel it, your ears could feel it, you could hear it,” she told the outlet.

Some 64 people were killed during the storm, some of whom were Britt’s friends. The family home was destroyed, but their lives were spared.

Shocking Twist

Weeks later, Britt was driving in the car with her daughter when the child asked where Jesus was. “I pulled over to the side of the road and I’m shaking, and I said, ‘Baby, did you see Jesus?’ She said, ‘Yes, Mama, he was with me and Roro during the ‘ro-nato,’ her version of tornado. And she said He’s been with me but He just left and I want Him to come back, ‘Mama tell him to come back.’ And it just clicked, here we thought we had done such a good job, we were singing, we were praying. But He was literally with us, and I think a lot of times we need the faith of a child, and she said very direct words ‘Mama, doesn’t God call you to do hard things?’ and I said, ‘Yes, sweetheart, yes he does.'”

It was this moment that changed Britt’s life forever. “I know that our nation and the next generation are worth fighting for, and so being in that game is what God called me to do,” she explained.

“I believe as leaders we must do something. The rise in the rate of depression among our teenagers doubled between 2011 and 2019. That perfectly coincides with the rise of social media. So we have a simple piece of legislation that’s eight pages that says you can’t be on social media until you’re 13, which is what the social media companies say they do, and between 13 and 17 you need to have parental consent to be on. This isn’t a bill that allows you to follow your child around, it just puts parents back in the driver’s seat to have the conversation.”

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