1,600+ Declare Faith In Record-Breaking US Baptism Event

May 18, 2024

More than 1,600 people publicly declared their faith at the Church of Eleven22’s beach baptism in May 2024.

The Church of Eleven22 witnessed some 1,614 individuals publicly declare their faith through baptism at Hanna Park Beach in Jacksonville, Florida, according to Christian Headlines. Thousands of others joined the celebrations, making it one of the largest beach baptisms in American history, with participants traveling from all over the country to join in. (LEARN MORE: Countless Students Turn To Christ At US Colleges)

“We are a movement for all people to discover and deepen a relationship with Jesus Christ. Today, we celebrated over 1,600 people proclaiming Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. It doesn’t get much better than that. The church is alive and well, the Spirit of God is on the move and the gospel of Jesus Christ is still changing lives as it has for thousands of years,” The Church of Eleven22’s Pastor Joby Martin said, according to the outlet. (LEARN MORE: Russell Brand Baptized In River Thames)

Statement From The Church

“This gathering represented one of the most significant days in the decade-long history of the church. A testament to the transformative power of Jesus Christ, these baptisms stand as evidence of a thriving, disciple-making culture at The Church of Eleven22,” the church wrote in the article. “The Church of Eleven22 remains steadfast in our commitment to glorify God by surrendering to Jesus, making disciple-making disciples, and transforming communities. Today’s event served as a powerful reminder of the joy that comes from a community unified by a shared faith and joy that can only come from God.” (LEARN MORE: Lady A Leads Worship At Nashville Church)

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