260k Criminal Cases Suspended Over Lack Of Personnel

Mar 4, 2024

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Law enforcement in Houston, Texas, has suspended more than 260,000 criminal cases in the last eight years due to a “lack of personnel” code.

More than 4,000 cases of alleged sexual assault were suspended in Houston, along with 10% of the other 2.8 million incidents reported to the department over the last eight years, Fox News reported. Of the more than 260,000 cases, roughly 100,000 are property-related crimes.

Houston police chief Troy Finner said Monday that the department is stepping up every available resource to focus on the alleged sexual assault cases. He said he realized there was an issue back in 2021, and demanded the department stop leaning on the code. But that didn’t happen. (LEARN MORE: Anti-Christian Hate Crimes Soar In Europe)

Houston, You Have A Problem

“Am I proud about this? No, I’m angry, okay, because I know we are better, and we are going to make it right, and we will make it right,” Finner said in February.

Our Cities Are Unsafe

America is facing crisis after crisis, many of them from a deep criminal element that seems to have taken hold of many of our major cities. In the wake of the “Defund the Police” movement, the real victims are those who now struggle without the support of law enforcement. It doesn’t have to be like this. (LEARN MORE: Democratic City Alderman Says Open Border Caused Crime Surge)

You can demand your protections today. And we’ll do all the work for you. All you have to do is sign up at www.millionvoices.org, and we’ll contact your local, state, and federally elected officials to tell them how important policing crime is to your vote.

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