Biden’s Birthday has Lowest Approval Rating

Nov 28, 2023

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President Joe Biden celebrated his 81st birthday Monday with the lowest approval rating ever recorded by an NBC News poll, the Washington Stand reported.

Biden’s approval hit just 40 percent in the NBC News poll. Voters provided a number of reasons for the low rating, including Biden’s handling of the Hamas attacks on Israel in October, and the continued war effort. But people also noted the struggling economy under the weight of nonstop inflation. Skyrocketing mortgage rates were also a significant concern, as well as a decline in full-time employment and overall federal debt.

Another poll by Fox News found roughly 80 percent of Americans rate the economy negatively. Biden and his Administration’s refusal to acknowledge the crisis is only making things worse for them.

What Has Biden Cost You During His Presidency?

“The typical family has lost more than $4,000 in real inflation, just adjusted income since President Biden took office, and that $4,000 pay cut is not even taking into account the rising home ownership costs,” Economic Policy fellow with the Heritage Foundation, Joel Griffith, told Washington Watch. “… [A]s [we]’ve seen real income decline, we’ve also seen credit card balances hit an all-time record $1 trillion. That’s about a $ 3,000-a-family increase over the past year and a half, even as savings rates have plunged near all-time lows. Bidenomics has been a disaster for American families.”

Protecting Our Nation

We get to choose a new president and new lawmakers in 2024. Your right to vote has never been more important than it is today. If you show up to your polls, you will make a difference. You will do your job to protect yourself, your family, your friends, and your fellow countrymen.

You don’t have to wait to vote to make sure your voice is heard. We can tell your leaders what you want from their time in office, and what you expect from our federal government.

Letter-writing campaigns, or even just a single letter, can be enough to sway policy. So what do you care about and want changed? Let us know, and we’ll send the letters to the right representatives for you. (LEARN MORE: We’re In A ‘New Cold War’ With China, Republican Says)

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