Biggest Revelations From Fauci’s Congressional Confessions

Jan 16, 2024

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Dr. Anthony Fauci gave 14 hours of testimony to the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic in January, and it reveal three key takeaways.

‘The Science’

Fauci admitted in the hearing that some of the COVID-19 policies he pushed under the guise of “trust the science,” were not scientific at all, according to The Federalist. The six feet of social distancing practice “sort of just appeared,” Fauci claimed.

Clearly, the practice of social distancing was the same as face masking. At the start of the pandemic, we were told to avoid face masks. They didn’t stop the spread and limited supplies meant hospitals needed masks before anyone else. Then, at some point, we were all told we had to wear masks or face serious consequences. We were also shut out of establishments over mask guidelines.

Vaccine Mandates

Fauci conceded that COVID-19 mandates over the various vaccines on offer “undermined trust in public health authorities” the Federalist continued. Without this trust, a functioning society starts to falter, as we’re seeing today.

Anyone who didn’t want to take the vaccine was accused of “spreading misinformation,” the latest catchphrase of the World Economic Forum. (LEARN MORE: Republican Senators Release ‘Bombshell’ Report On COVID-19 Origins)

Denying The Impact On Children

Fauci denied that the COVID-19 lockdowns had an impact on children, particularly when it comes to their education. The last three years have seen an “unprecedented drop in performance” in reading and math. And we’re currently dealing with some of the lowest levels of educational attainment as a nation. Ever. (LEARN MORE: Children Fail Basic Classes Across US)

But Fauci is “not convinced.” Apparently, the plethora of scientific investigation into academic loss during the lockdowns isn’t the right type of data for him to trust. Begging the question: what is?

The Response

“Dr. Fauci’s testimony today uncovered drastic and systemic failures in America’s public health systems. While leading the nation’s COVID-19 response and influencing public narratives, he simultaneously had no idea what was happening under his jurisdiction at NIAID. Dr. Fauci signed off on all domestic and foreign research grants without reviewing the proposals and admitted that he was unaware if NIAID conducted oversight of the laboratories they fund. The American people and the United States government are operating with completely different expectations about the responsibilities of our public health leaders and the accountability of our public health agencies,” Subcommittee chairman Republican Ohio Rep. Brad Wenstrup said following the hearing.

“It is also concerning that the face of our nation’s response to the world’s worst public health crisis ‘does not recall’ key details about COVID-19 origins and pandemic-era policies. Nearly 1.2 million Americans lost their lives to a potentially preventable pandemic. I look forward to asking Dr. Fauci further questions about mandates, his role in prompting the ‘Proximal Origin’ publication, and his policy positions related to masks and lockdowns.”

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