Brazilian Nightmare Coming To America?

Apr 15, 2024

Glenn Beck told listeners Tuesday that he’s concerned the tyrannical nightmares taking place in Brazil may be headed for the U.S. next.

“Elon Musk is challenging a Brazilian judge who is trying to clamp down on free speech. The judge has demanded that X take down alleged “far right” accounts or face severe punishments in the country … sound familiar?” Beck’s program wrote in the caption of his segment on Brazil. “In its attempt to “prevent” a right-wing “dictatorship,” Brazil’s leftist government has created a fascist dictatorship of its own. And allegedly, the United States played a big role. Glenn breaks down the story and warns that what’s happening in Brazil is exactly what’s coming to America: ‘If we don’t get out and vote, this is our future in America.'”

An End To Your Freedom

Beck described how the fascist authority currently running Brazil has no fear in imprisoning sitting congressmen for nine years for “threatening the court,” has held people without trial for posting threats on social media, blocked dozens of accounts on social media, and more. These behaviors are becoming normalized within Brazil. (LEARN MORE: Tucker Carlson Gives Pro-USA Speech At … Kid Rock Show?!)

And when you try to Google or research what is really happening in Brazil, you will get none of the information described by Beck. The entire news cycle is dedicated to calling those supporting free speech and freedoms for all the “fascists.” Even teen magazines are trying to convince your children that the people fighting for freedom are the ones who belong in prison.

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