Christian Coffee Shop Under Attack By Communists

Feb 3, 2024

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A Christian Coffee Shop in Colorado is reported under constant attack from communists and LGBTQ protestors who are trying to shut the business down, Christian Headlines reported Wednesday.

“The Drip Cafe is basically an idea from our project where we’re helping homeless people get out of homelessness, to break the chains that are holding them down with homelessness,” founder Jamie Sanchez said of his organization, Recycle God’s Love, and their coffee shop, The Drip. “One of those important areas is to have a real job, to build a resume, to get work experience, to get used to socializing in a normal setting.”

The coffee shop helps homeless people throughout the area and gathers community members for prayer and acts of encouragement.

Commies And LGBTQ Protestors Hate God’s Love?

A statement posted online was enough for LGBTQ protestors and communists to start fighting to shut down The Drip and the good work put forward but its members.

“Homosexuality: This organization is opposed to homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle. Additionally, this organization holds that a homosexual lifestyle is contrary to God’s Word and purpose for humanity (1 Timothy 1:10). The Bible instructs that it is a sin that leads to death,” the statement read. “Moreover, this organization is instructed to love those living such lifestyles, while abhorring their sin.  1 Cor. 6:9 says the following: ‘Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders.’ Members of the church are forbidden to practice such sin. Any member found to be in such sin and unrepentant shall be subject to dismissal.”

Spiritual Warfare

Instead of helping members of the community, LGBTQ and communist protestors are smearing the coffee shop with hatred. “It’s a spiritual warfare going on,” Sanchez said. “By now, they should realize they’re not affecting us the way that they thought they would. Their goal is very clear; it’s on their site; it’s on their posters. They want to shut us down.” (LEARN MORE: ‘Jesus Revolution,’ ‘The Chosen’ Team’s Huge Announcement)

Some of these protestors have gone as far as to attack Sanchez personally, as well as his late wife. “It’s also a confirmation of how powerful my testimony is that Christ has given me through my life — that the enemy would try to pull that out and use it as a tool against me,” Sanchez says of the attacks.

Bad news for the protestors: Sanchez isn’t going anywhere. “We’re going to be able to take someone who essentially is… hopeless — they feel like no one cares about them, no one loves them,” he noted. “We’re gonna be able to just pull them out of that, show them that Christ loves them.” (LEARN MORE: Boldness Is On The Rise: VIDEO)

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