‘Jesus Revolution,’ ‘The Chosen’ Team’s Huge Announcement

Dec 9, 2023

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Jon Erwin, director-producer of “Jesus Revolution,” former YouTube, Netflix exec. Kelly Merryman Hoogstraten, and “The Chosen” director-creator Dallas Jenkins have teamed up to launch a faith-based creative studio, after raising more than $75 million in seed funding, Variety reports.

The studio will be called “Wonder Project,” and be based between Los Angeles, California and Austin, Texas. Merryman Hoogstraten will serve as the CEO, with Erwin and Chief Creative Officer. Jenkins is joining the team as a special adviser, but we’re sure his role will grow as their projects develop.

Both Jenkin and Erwin have had insanely successful careers. “Jesus Revolution” rapidly climbed to become one of the world’s biggest films in 2023. And “The Chosen” continues to be one of the world’s favorite television series. (LEARN MORE: ‘Wonder Years’ Actress Found Christ)

Who Else Is Helping The Wonder Project?

Lionsgate producer Jason Blum, UTA, Sovereign Capital, and Powerhouse Capital have all contributed to the seed funding for the studio in their Series A round. “I know there’s an opportunity here because I’m part of this audience,” Erwin told Variety. “My wife and I have four kids. There’s an audience that I serve with the content that we make. I need more of this in my home.” (LEARN MORE: THROWBACK: Actor Tom Selleck Credits Christ For All His Success)

“What if we could dream a little bigger? What if we could build a studio of our own that empowers creatives in this space with a level of freedom and resources they haven’t had before,” Erwin continued. “We want to be partners with studios and streamers and anybody who wants to reach this audience in profound new ways. But we want to do it while building something that is independent and can last.” (LEARN MORE: Actor Dennis Quaid Credits God For Helping Him Through Addiction)

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