Christian University’s Fight With Federal Government

Apr 22, 2024

A commentary article published Saturday by the Washington Stand posed the question: are Christian universities in the U.S. being purposefully targeted by the federal government?

“A dust storm of political madness is brewing in Phoenix, Arizona as Grand Canyon University faces the continued threats of Department of Education Secretary Miguel Cardona,” Sarah Holliday started her intense article. Grand Canyon University (GCU) was hit with a $37.7 million fine by the federal government amid allegations it lied to its students about the actual cost of its programs.

GCU President Brian Mueller said these claims were “ridiculous” and that it was surprising that Liberty University faced an almost identical amount “over alleged underreporting of crimes” at the exact same time.


“It’s interesting, isn’t it, that the two largest Christian universities in the country, this one, and Liberty University, are both being fined almost the identical amount at almost the identical time?” Mueller said at the time. “Now is there a cause and effect there? I don’t know. But it’s a fact.”

The House Appropriations Committee held a hearing in April regarding how best the Biden administration can “crackdown on GCU and other universities like it,” the outlet stated. “[W]e are cracking down not only to shut them down but to send a message to not prey on students,” Cardona said in the hearing. (LEARN MORE: Most US Voters Think CIA, FBI May Control 2024’s Election)

“The federal government’s education agenda is punishing schools that do not conform to their progressive ideology. It’s time we take a stand against this egregious abuse of power,” American Principles Project Policy Director Jon Schweppe said of the situation.

What Happens Next?

“We encourage people to be involved politically and vote,” Mueller said. “But our faith will stand above the politics always, and our politics will never become our religion [because for] many people in our country today, their politics have become their religion, and that’s when things … go really bad in our society.” (LEARN MORE: COVID Cover-Up Involves Wuhan And 15 Federal Agencies)

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