Corporate Media Flip-Flops On State Of The Union

Mar 9, 2024

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Corporate media outlets seemed torn over President Joe Biden’s possible final State of the Union address Thursday, with some saying he did a great job, while others still expressed concern for his age and mental capacity.

While many thought Biden, 81, would call for some type of national unity, possibly over something everyone in the U.S. could get behind (reducing crime, reducing the cost of living, etc), his speech was more aggressive than most were anticipating. Politico described it as “a hammer” and not an “olive branch,” and only seemed to focus on three key issues: (1) the war in Ukraine, (2) the Jan 6. capitol riots, and (3) reproductive rights.

Unfortunately, none of these issues are at the forefront of any U.S. voter’s mind. And these are not key issues we are worried about as we head into the 2024 election. Politico noted that Biden claimed he’d improved the economy, and he blamed Republicans for the open border crisis, neither of which is reflective of the American mindset toward either situation. (LEARN MORE: GOP Targets Chinese Military Aggression With New Bill)

‘Too Old’

Polls keep showing that voters think Biden is too old to serve another term in office. These concerns were raised by USA Today, which noted that Biden’s age “could very well be the issue that sinks him — or at least one of the issues.”

“In addition to his age, Biden is struggling to convince Americans that he has the economy under control. The pain of years-long inflation is still very real for families across the country,” the outlet continued. (LEARN  MORE: The AP Finds 63% Doubt Biden’s Mental Capacity)

But CNN seemed to enjoy the speech, calling it “raucous” and “one that could be among the most important speeches [Biden] gives during his presidency.” The outlet seemed to enjoy Biden’s “fiery” approach in which he took several swipes at former President Donald Trump without actually mentioning him by name.

Similar Phrasing With Other Outlets

NPR also called the speech “fiery,” and immediately noted the attacks against Trump in the opening portion. However, NPR felt Biden addressed a wide range of issues within his speech, not just the three listed above. Biden also brought up things like tax hikes for the rich, and gun control, and touched upon crime — arguably one of the biggest issues for voters in 2024. (LEARN MORE: Biden Ignores Christian Massacres For 3rd Year In A Row)

Tell Your Politicians Where To Focus Their Efforts

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