Death Camp Survivor May Die In Prison For Prayer

Apr 24, 2024

Christian concentration camp survivor Eva Edl, 88, is one of 11 people charged by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) for protesting outside abortion clinics. She may spend the rest of her life in prison.

Edl and the 11 others were accused of violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act when they gathered outside of the Carafem Health Center close to Nashville, TN, in early 2021, according to the Christian Post. She was found guilty, along with four others, in early April and will be sentenced on July 30.

She’s also facing charges related to a protest outside an abortion clinic in Michigan in August 2020 and again in April 2021. She could spend the next 11 years in prison and have to pay $350,000 in fines. (LEARN MORE: Hezbollah Has ‘Sleeper Cells’ In US)

Edl’s Reaction

“When I was indicted, I began to prepare to die there,” Edl told the Daily Signal. “Right now, I am ambivalent. … I’m doing the best I can to get ready. Haven’t talked to a funeral director yet.”

She continued by saying, “I’m just being sensible” and that “There’s no guarantee that I survive it.” Edl noted that the U.S. government is growing increasingly more similar to the communist regime she and her family fled. She was only 9 when her family was taken to the Gakovo concentration camp in the former Yugoslavia. (LEARN MORE: Explosive Device Discovered At Border As Senator Issues Serious Warning)

Her family were Danube Swabians, a small German-speaking ethnic group set for extermination under Josip Broz, the nation’s communist president. “We were packed body to body, and being a small child, I could hardly breathe,” she remembered. “We had no food, no water.” She said her mother found it inconceivable that their government would persecute them like that until it happened. Edl suggested should be a cautionary tale for Americans today.

Are You Nervous For Our Future?

“What if citizens of my country would have overcome their fear, and a number of them stood on those railroad tracks between the gate of the entrance to the death camp and the train?” Edl said. “The train would have to stop. And while the guards on those trains would be busy rounding up the ones that were in front of the train, another group could have come in, pried open our cattle car and possibly set us free, but nobody did.” (LEARN MORE: Pastor Greg Laurie Speaks Of Biblical Prophecy Fulfillment Over Israel-Hamas War)

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