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Thank you for your generous financial partnership with Million Voices over the past few years. Your support allowed us to identify, educate, and mobilize over 42 million faith and freedom voters. Our team continues developing new, exciting tools to amplify the faithful voices of millions, and I can confidently say, thanks to you, we are doing things no one else is doing! Ample data supports the idea that our efforts have unequivocally changed electoral outcomes.

I would love to share encouraging details with you and provide an overview of what you have helped us accomplish over the past few election cycles. I believe you will be extremely proud of the impact we have made together and inspired by the possibilities for 2024 and beyond!

If you would like to continue standing with us financially, please see the enclosed donation card and self-addressed envelope for your convenience. Another way to reach us is to text the word GIVE to 80550 for a link to financially give and to receive critical text updates from us. Donate directly through our website at https://millionvoices.org/support-MV. We don’t take for granted your ongoing generosity, and I would be honored to discuss our plans at any point.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and wish you many blessings this Christmas season!



John Graves


2024 Executive Summary

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For every $1 you contribute we will send the FREE guide to 10 voters across America. Your donation goes toward the research, preparation, and the distribution of guides for the general election. Million Voices stewards your donation to create the greatest impact.

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