First Millennial Saint Possibly Identified, Says Vatican

May 29, 2024

Pope Francis recognized Thursday a miracle performed by Italian teenager Carlo Acutis, who died in 2006 of leukemia.

Acutis was born in London, England on May 3, 1991, and died on October 12, 2006, in Monza, Italy, according to a press release from the Vatican. He was not raised as a particularly devout Catholic but became involved in his faith at an early age, according to the Christian Post.

Carlo “managed to drag his relatives, his parents to Mass every day,” said the postulator promoting his sainthood. “It was not the other way around; it was not his parents bringing the little boy to Mass, but it was he who managed to get himself to Mass and to convince others to receive Communion daily,” he continued. (LEARN MORE: Russell Brand Baptized In River Thames)

Influencer For God

Carlo apparently became known to Catholics as a patron saint of the Internet because of his aptitude for computer coding. His mother referred to him as “the light answer to the dark side of the web” and an “influencer for God.”

Carlo was first beatified after the Vatican recognized a miracle where a 3-year-old Brazilian boy was allegedly healed of a congenital pancreatic deformity in 2013, the Christian Post reported. “The second miracle attributed to Carlo involved Liliana, a woman from Costa Rica who, after praying for his intercession in 2022, claimed her daughter survived a risky craniotomy surgery after experiencing head trauma from falling off her bicycle,” the outlet noted. (LEARN MORE: 1,600+ Declare Faith In Record-Breaking US Baptism Event)

When Liliana prayed at Carlo’s tomb in Assisi for her daughter’s recovery, her child began to breathe spontaneously the same day. CAT scans showed that the hemorrhage in her daughter’s brain disappeared.

Carlo could be canonized as early as October 2024.

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