‘God Played Through Me’: RB Donovan Edwards

Jan 12, 2024

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The Michigan Wolverines running back Donovan Edwards helped bring his team their first win of 2024 in the College Football Playoff National Championship, on Monday, beating the Washington Huskies 34-13 in Houston, Texas, according to CBN.

This was The Wolverine’s first national championship since 1997. “There are more than 100 Michigan men who are on this team,” Michigan Head Coach Jim Harbaugh told reporters following the win. “What they’ve done is amazing. They will forever be known as national champions.” (LEARN MORE: Hulk Hogan Shares Baptism On Social Media)

But it was Donovan Edwards who truly stole the show. The RB scored the first two touchdowns on his first two carries, putting his team ahead significantly towards the win. They were also the second and third-longest touchdowns in College Football Playoff championship history.


Edwards Gives Thanks

“I’m blessed. I’m able to do that because I can revert back to the situation that I did today and not worry about myself and just let everything flow. But God played through me and that’s what I did today, you know, for the success that I had, it was nothing but God, you know. Trust in the process, the process with Him,” Donovan later told Detroit radio WXYZ-TV. (LEARN MORE: Jelly Roll’s ‘Damascus Road’ Encounter)

“”I just thank God that he’s allowed me to {play football}… He showed me the ups and the downs, and it’s about what I do with it. It’s about if I’m going to fall from it or continue to rise from adversity and trials and tribulation,” he continued.

His Spiritual Vision

“I was living with my grandma when I was like 17 or 18 years old, and just me and her were talking about the Bible and would read the Bible together all the time,” he told the outlet WolverinesWire. “That kind of kicked off everything for me. And before I committed to Michigan, I heard a voice saying, ‘Do not worry, everything will be all right.’ And I figured out it was God talking to me.”

“After I heard that voice, I’ve always believed, I had a spiritual vision, just God giving me the ability to see what he has planned has always allowed me to stay grounded,” he noted.

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