GOP Won’t Fund Ukraine Until Border Secured

Dec 1, 2023

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Republican lawmakers have insisted that if the Biden Administration wants more funding to support the war in Ukraine, they must guarantee additional spending for America’s southern border.

Congress just restarted after the Thanksgiving break. And the GOP is focused on fighting the mass illegal migration of people at our southern border. More than 10 million people are estimated to have entered the country illegally since January 2021, the Washington Stand reported.

A majority of those people who’ve walked into our country were not accounted for, so the real number is likely far higher. But at least 1,586 known terrorists or suspected terrorists were apprehended. More than 700 of these individuals came in 2023. (LEARN MORE: Conservatives Warn Of Terror Vulnerability From U.S. Open Border)

Trains Ride To America

Trains have been seen throughout Mexico, filled with people hoping to make the journey north. Some people are openly riding atop rail cars to get here.

“[We need more than] just legislative fixes because we have a lawless administration,” Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson told Washington Watch. “We have a president that wants an open border. And so we do need to change the law … [such as a] Return to Mexico policy … but we absolutely must make any funding to Ukraine contingent on actually securing the border. And that means benchmarks and metrics. The metric we should use is [the] number of migrants entering America, no matter how they come in, whether they’re encountered and processed and released, or whether we detect them as getaways. … So, no [Ukraine] funding until you achieve those benchmarks on a month-by-month basis.” (LEARN MORE: Explosive Device Discovered At Border As Senator Issues Serious Warning)

Throwing money at the issue is not the solution. “[Q]uite honestly, providing this administration more money at the border, they’re just going to speed up the processing and dispersing,” he argued. “That’s been their whole goal. That’s why they think their policy is [a] success. [They say] we don’t have a crisis on the border. [They]’ve just gotten efficient at encountering, processing, dispersing more than six million illegal immigrants into this country during their administration. So no, we don’t need [to give them more] money for the border.”

10 Million Migrants

More than 10 million illegal immigrants may have walked over our open borders since Mayorkas directed guards to let them in, in early 2021. If you want your local, state, and federal government to do something about the border crisis it’s time to use your voice.

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