Hamas Attacks Continue Into Christmas

Dec 26, 2023

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More than two months after the Hamas terrorist group started slaughtering Israeli, Palestine, and Gaza citizens, the war between ally and enemy forces looks set to continue through Christmas, the Washington Stand wrote Monday.

Thousands of people have died, and hundreds kidnapped by Hamas terrorists following their brutally violent declaration of war on October 7 in Gaza. As the attacks against citizens continue, Israel is being called out by many young Americans for defending its people. (LEARN MORE: Major News Organization Rejects All Harvard, MIT, Penn Grads Over School’s Antisemitism)

But this is a life-or-death situation for everyone, not just Israelis and Jews. And many young Americans don’t know, or don’t seem to care that Hamas would slaughter them too — just for being American. (LEARN MORE: Pastor Greg Laurie Speaks of Biblical Prophecy Fulfillment Over Israel-Hamas War)

Rise In Global Terror Threat

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary president Dr. Albert Mohler said the situation in Israel and the surrounding area is “life or death elsewhere also.” The war is not against Palestine but against terrorism. And if Hamas terrorists and their supporters win, this puts everyone’s lives in danger around the world.

“[Hamas] is willing to use human beings [Gazans] as leverage,” Mohler told ‘The Briefing,’ “It’s not just a war against Israel. Israel is at the center of the target. But Israel’s not alone.” (LEARN MORE: Young Americans Think Holocaust Is ‘Exaggerated’ Or ‘Myth’)

This should be a time for peace and unity around the world. But Mohler noted the hate spread by Hamas “underlines the fact that we are in a real world with very real threats. And that means that our celebration of Christmas is always yes, joyous, but also in this fallen world, sober, as we understand the reality around us.”

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