Healthcare Needs Spirituality, Science Says

Jun 5, 2024


An analysis published in June found that patient’s spiritual needs should be better met within the U.S. healthcare system and public health arena.

Axios explained that a growing body of scientific research shows the spiritual beliefs and practices of individuals have a direct impact on physical health. In many cases, these beliefs have a net positive impact on patient’s health outcomes, but these beliefs are massively under-addressed within the healthcare industry. (LEARN MORE: Democratic City Alderman Says Open Border Caused Crime Surge)

A group of Harvard-affiliated researchers found that these beliefs are not just about faith in God, but how we seek out meaning and purpose in our individual lives. Faith and spirituality could and likely should be a social determinant of health, which would allow for more personalized treatment and allow many individuals into the healthcare system who may not otherwise be welcomed, the researchers argued.

Improving Spiritual Literacy

The first place all of this starts is with “improving providers’ spiritual and religious literacy,” the article continued. “Other key strategies include strengthening relationships between local health departments and faith leaders and using health care dollars to pay for certain spiritual care services,” the analysis reads. “One such effort already in the works: California Medicaid is working with ministerial groups, who help their congregation members access health services.” (LEARN MORE: Cost Of Living Crisis Causing Baby Delay)

Despite the net-positive outcomes, many left-leaning activists and healthcare providers don’t want to involve religion in medicine. However, the scientific data within the research suggests doctors and others don’t really have much of a choice. When faith prevails, so does the body. Ignoring this trend would violate the Hippocratic oath of “do no harm.”

American Medical Vote

The American Medical Association’s House of Delegates will vote in the next week or so on a resolution to encourage spiritual education for physicians and other healthcare providers. The hope is that patients will receive better care, and in turn, doctors will provide more effective self-care, and reduce doctor burnout, Axios noted. (LEARN MORE: POLL: Senior’s Top Health Concern Is The Economy)

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