Jeffrey Epstein’s List To Be Released

Dec 21, 2023

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A U.S. federal judge ruled Monday that a list of late child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s victims and associates, some of whom are accused of exploiting children, will be unsealed and made public.

More than 150 names, making up a low percentage of the people identified within Epstein’s records, will be made public as part of a civil suit against Epstein’s former conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell, according to CBS. The list of names contained in the documents is believed to include several of Epstein and Maxwell’s co-conspirators, as well as the identities of those listed in the lawsuit.

One victim, Virginia Giuffre, claimed Maxwell and Epstein had access to many notable individuals, including those who work in government, politicians, royalty, and more. (LEARN MORE: Utah Professor’s Bizarre Response To Child Abuse)

Why Is This Important?

Epstein was found guilty of sexual crimes in the mid-2000s, but continued close relationships with former presidents, executives at major financial and business institutions, filmmakers, and more, despite registering as a sex offender. To date, Maxwell is the only person to be found guilty of helping Epstein conspire to sexually abuse underage girls for more than a decade … but no one has been found guilty of the physical crimes against these girls.

Epstein was charged in 2019 with one count of sex trafficking and one count of sex trafficking with underage girls. He mysteriously died in his jail cell shortly after his arrest, and all charges were dropped after his death. Justice for his victims continues to be an uphill battle, presumably due to the power of those individuals he surrounded himself with.

January 1, 2024

Names will be made available on January 1, 2024, giving people roughly two weeks to object to the publication of their identities. We hope this case brings justice to those who deserve it.

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