Jerusalem Was Huge City Under David, Solomon

May 10, 2024

An upcoming scientific study will reveal that Biblical details about the city of Jerusalem during the time of Kings David and Solomon are accurate.

Skeptics from the fields of archaeology and history have long argued that the city of Jerusalem was actually an insignificant little town or village during the time periods described in the Bible, when it was under the rules of Kings David and Solomon, according to Christian Headlines. But a new study described in a press release from the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) proves the Biblical accounts correct.

“The new research sheds light on one of the longstanding and controversial research questions regarding the nature and scope of Jerusalem during the reigns of David and Solomon and thereafter: the findings from the new research indicate that there was a widespread settlement in Jerusalem during this period,” the press release reads. (RELATED: Superstar Actor Speaks Of ‘Spiritual Awakening’)

What Else Did They Find?

“The new research allows us to study the development of the city: until now, most researchers have linked Jerusalem’s growth to the west, to the period of King Hezekiah – just over 2700 years ago. The conventional assumption to date has been that the city expanded due to the arrival of refugees from the Kingdom of Israel in the north, following the Assyrian exile,” Tel Aviv University professor Yuval Gadot said in the statement. “However, the new findings strengthen the view that Jerusalem grew in size and spread towards Mount Zion already in the 9th century BCE, during the reign of King Jehoash, a hundred years before the Assyrian exile. In light of this, the new research teaches that the expansion of Jerusalem is a result of internal-Judean demographic growth and the establishment of political and economic systems.”

Religious Freedom Is Essential

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