Judge Orders Biden To Build Border Wall

Mar 13, 2024

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Southern District of Texas Judge Drew Tipton ruled Friday that the Biden administration must spend Congressional funds building a wall on the southern border, the Washington Stand

“Whether the Executive Branch must adhere to federal laws is not, as a general matter, an area traditionally left to its discretion,” Tipton remarked. President Joe Biden said on his first day in office that no more American taxpayer dollars would be “diverted” toward building a protective wall at the southern border. This decision has led to the rapid growth in illegal immigration from all over the world, including that of known terrorists into the U.S. We’ve also experienced a great plague of deadly fentanyl ripping through our nation, as well as soaring crime rates related to human and sex trafficking (including that of minors). (LEARN MORE: Explosive Device Discovered At Border As Senator Issues Serious Warning)

Tipton ruled that the language allows construction to commence. “In 2020 and 2021, Congress funded roughly $1.4 billion ‘for the construction of [a] barrier system along the southwest border.’” In halting this, Biden diverted funds from one purpose to another. And the issue is diverting from, not, building a border wall.

What Is Next?

“The Biden Administration has failed to abide by the law to finish the construction of a wall along the southwest border,” Missouri Republican Attorney General Andrew Bailey said of the situation. “Joe Biden refuses to carry out his constitutionally mandated responsibilities, so we took him to court to force him to do his job.” (LEARN MORE: Conservatives Warn Of Terror Vulnerability From U.S. Open Border)

Biden said in late January that he’s “done all” he “can do” to secure the border, but to date, no one can figure out what he means. By definition, he has done nothing to secure the border. He didn’t visit the border until January 2023, most of the way through his term as president, which suggests this is not a priority for him.

Why Won’t Biden Protect The Border?

More than 10 million illegal immigrants have walked over our open borders since Mayorkas directed guards to let them in, in early 2021. If you want your local, state, and federal government to do something about the border crisis it’s time to use your voice.

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