Liberal Judge Rules In Favor Of Trump

Nov 28, 2023

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A liberal-leaning Colorado judge rejected an attempt to remove former President Donald Trump from appearing on Republican primary ballots for 2024, according to the Washington Stand.

Colorado Second District Court judge Saah Wallace ruled Friday that the events on Jan. 6, 2021, at the U.S. Capitol were not enough to exempt Trump from the upcoming ballot. “The Court holds that the Secretary [of State] cannot, on her own accord, keep a candidate from appearing on the ballot based on a constitutional infirmity unless that constitutional infirmity is ‘an objective, knowable fact.’ Here, whether Trump is disqualified under Section Three of the Fourteenth Amendment is not ‘an objective, knowable fact,” she wrote.

Petitioners were trying to use a clause from the 14th Amendment to stop Trump’s candidacy from appearing on the ballot. The clause was designed after the Civil War to stop people from undermining reconstruction efforts. (LEARN MORE: Biden Goes Off Script, Threatens To Divorce Jill, Confused Over NHL Champions)

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