Media Lies About Israel Bombing Hospital In Gaza. Here’s What Really Happened

Oct 20, 2023

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Western media lied en masse, Tuesday, about an alleged Israeli airstrike that killed 500 people who were mostly civilians at a hospital in Gaza. But almost nothing in the reports were true, the Washington Stand reported.

News outlets were quickly changing their headlines on Tuesday and Wednesday after a piece of propaganda went viral, claiming Israel bombed a hospital in Gaza. Almost every major U.S. and European news outlet spread headlines claiming the loss of life was unimaginable … only to later realize it was a lie from the Hamas-controlled Gazan Health Ministry.

A slew of Democrat celebrity politicians perpetuated the lie, getting young people and Hamas-sympathizers riled up around the world. (LEARN MORE: Pastor Greg Laurie Speaks Of Biblical Prophecy Fulfillment Over Israel-Hamas War)

‘The Other Team’

It turns out Israel had nothing to do with the bombing. And there was no hospital attack. In reality, Hamas terrorists misfired and blew up a parking lot, then blamed Israel. But none of the news outlets or even the politicians have changed their wording enough to let people know what really happened.

“The allegation alone shook the world,” National Review senior writer Noah Rothman said in one article. “European and Middle Eastern streets erupted with anti-Israel demonstrations. Diplomatic facilities belonging to Israel and the United States alike were besieged by sometimes violent demonstrators. Jewish — not Israeli — sites were attacked.”

A ‘Sign Of Things To Come’

Pro-War lies will spread like wildfire as this international chaos continues. Millions of people will be subjected to false narratives, doctored images and videos, and who know what other types of lies to get the U.S. more involved in these wars.

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