‘Miracle’ Tornado Slams Church During Service

May 19, 2024

All 100 attendees of the Crossroads Ministries church in Finleyville, Pennsylvania, survived a tornado slamming into the building during a service Saturday night.

The tornado hit the church a little after 6 pm local time on Saturday night while the 100 attendees were in the middle of their service, according to Christian Headlines. The pastor’s wife, Rhonda Barner, was singing when the tornado struck. “I saw the lights were flickering and I saw they went out,” she local a local news outlet. “I thought I heard the windows start to shatter, and then the sound was like a train coming through and more windows were shattering.”

Terrifying Situation

“We were sitting there singing a hymn and the lights started flickering,” another church member said. “All of a sudden, one of the windows blew out and everybody ducked for cover. I don’t ever want to experience this again; I’ve thought about what it might be like to be in a tornado, and I don’t ever want to experience this again.” (LEARN MORE: ‘We Need Jesus’: Joe Rogan & Aaron Rodgers On Faith)

The twister was large enough to rip the roof off the church and throw it into a nearby woodland, while hurling the steeple onto cars outside. Yet, despite the carnage, everyone within the church was protected. And there’s only one man Pastor Ken Barner says could have possibly done this: God.

“We saw a complete miracle. The hand of God almighty was upon us,” Barner said during his Sunday sermon. A few people received cuts and bruises, but no one was seriously injured or killed. “We’re so thankful for that, We’re standing on the promises of God right now. … I know that we will get through this.” The National Weather Service said the tornado was likely an EF-2, bringing in winds from around 111 to 135 mph. (LEARN MORE: Lady A Leads Worship At Nashville Church)

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