Mom Sues School District Over Daughter’s Gender Transition

by | Feb 13, 2024

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Reps for a New York mother, Jennifer Vitsaxaki, told Tony Perkins on “Washington Watch” Wednesday that she’s suing the Skaneateles Central School District because officials hid the fact her daughter was trying to transition from female to male.

Vitsaxaski’s 12-year-old daughter had grown moody, and depressed, and seemed to not want to go to school at all. When the mother asked the district what was going on with her daughter’s new behavior, the school assured her there was nothing wrong. (LEARN MORE: Utah Professor’s Bizarre Response To Child Abuse)

“[T]he school district left [Vitsaxaki] out in the dark,”  senior counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) Vincent Wagner told Perkins. Vitsacaski’s daughter was being treated as a boy by her teachers and classmates.

District Policies Hurt Children

The local district policy is designed to purposefully hide the fact children are going through deeply disturbing experiences within institutions. This meant that Vitsaxaski was unable to help her daughter at a time when she needed her the most.

“I’d like to say that this is like an anomaly, but you know what? This is happening almost every week,” Perkins added. (LEARN MORE: Detransitioner Sues American Academy Of Pediatrics)

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