North Face Supports Kids Sexuality-Themed Overnight Camp

Apr 8, 2024

The outdoor clothing brand North Face is supporting an overnight camp for 12-year-olds that is themed around people’s individual sexualities within the LGBT community.

The camp also encourages children, particularly boys, to dress up in women’s clothing — a sexual fetish and performance-based activity known as “drag,” according to the Washington Stand. The camp is designed around sexual behaviors related to underage boy’s choices of partner. It’s provided to children aged 12 through to 17 years old and is located in New York and California.

The organization Gays Against Groomers reported that North Face donated $100,000 to the camp. North Face previously claimed this figure was just $70,000, but it’s unclear why any adult at North Face would openly support the sexualization of children at an overnight camp. “Sadly this is far from the only ‘LGBTQ’ youth camp,” Gays Against Groomers reported. “There are dozens around the country. They are on the rise.” (LEARN MORE: World Expert Says Transgenderism Is ‘Mental Disorder,’ Sex Changes Are ‘Biologically Impossible,’ And The Industry Will Collapse Like Eugenics Did)

Youth Camps Targeting Children?

The organization issued a desperate plea for parents, saying that these camps advertise themselves as pro-children and pro-LGBTQ. In reality, these camps are said to urge children into sexual behaviors while they are underage.

The camp sponsored by North Face says they offer all sorts of activities that are exclusively based around who the individual prefers to have sex with, despite being underage and it being illegal. “Identity-based groups, captivating drag shows and workshops, enlightening queer history lessons, and a fantastic clothing closet where you can explore gender expression or experiment with a new look! All this and more awaits you,” the website claims, the Washington Stand reported.

Protect Children At All Costs

It is unclear why any adults would want to create an environment specifically based around sexual behaviors, and then offer this environment to children. (LEARN MORE: Female Mass Shooters & The Rise In Transgenderism)

By contacting your local representatives to share your disgust, fear, or frustration with the power claimed by medical institutions and government officials over your children and people suffering from mental illness in America, you can shift policy to protect America’s most valuable members!

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